Jelco Tonearms

Jelco has introduced a new tonearm to replace the SA-750 L 12 inch used on the PolyTable SUPER12. The New model is the TS-550L It is same tonearm with a few minor changes. A diferent balance weight to eliminate having two and black color only.

All SA-750 tonearms are discontinued.          

The Jelco arms are at the top of my favorite list.

The reasons:

The build quality is as good as it gets period.

Their adjustment capability is as comprehensive and easy as you can get. VTF, VTA/SRA, Anti-skating and azimuth with HS-25 or 30 headshell (supplyed with the TS-850 and 950 option with the TS-550). Many tonearms will not allow azimuth adjustment. This is most important for proper setup.  

  The Jelco tone arms VTA adjustment uses a simple to adjust locking collar, some tonearms use shims a very awkward and time consuming process.

 Fluid Damped Gimbal on the TS-550. 

If the Tri-Planar is out of your price range take a look at the Jelco.   

TS-550S damped 9 inch (mass 9.2 grams)

TS-550L damped 12 inch (mass 9.0 grams)

TK-850S Static Balanced 9 inch (mass 13.4)

TK-850L Static Balanced 12 inch (mass 13.0)

TK-950S Dynamic Balanced 9 inch (mass 13.4)

TK-950L Dynamic Balanced 12 inch (mass 13.0)

Call for price.

 The tonearms do not include Cartridge or tonearm interconnect cable.Supplied with a headshell.

Tonearm effective mass is a complicated coculation using the moment of inertia            created by the total mass of all the arms moving components minus the cartridge.

HS-30 Rosewood/Magnesium headshell with Azimuth adjustment and silver litz wire is a great addition.

17 grams    Call for price 

HS- 25 headshell $49.00